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From Bangkok to Koh Chang

by plane, bus, taxi, rental car or ferry
Koh ChangThailand

Koh Chang is the dream island in Thailand, which is easiest to reach from Bangkok.

If you want to be there very quickly you can book a flight to Trat and do a quick transfer from the airport to the ferry pier and take the ferry to Koh Chang.

More popular is the journey from Bangkok to Koh Chang by bus. Further options include getting there by taxi or by rental car.

Available means of transportation and routes from Bangkok to Koh Chang are summarised here.

Getting from Bangkok to Koh Chang

Routes, schedules and tickets from Bangkok to Koh Chang

From Bangkok to Koh Chang by bus (or minivan) and ferry

The “budget-friendly” option to travel from Bangkok to Koh Chang is by bus.

Strictly speaking, no large bus is used on the route. To Koh Chang, minivans or minibuses operate, which are not as comfortable as a bus. However, they travel a little faster.

Tickets to Koh Chang are available as a combined ticket. Minivan, if necessary transfer to the ferry perry and the ferry crossing.

Tickets are available for about 400 – 500 THB – there is no cheaper way to get to Koh Chang.

For the journey from Bangkok to Koh Chang by minivan / minibus, you can estimate about 7 hours travel time.

The leg space is rather scarce (typically for a minivan). There is air conditioning in the minivan, hoewever,  this cools the interior not as efficiently as it would be the case in a VIP-Bus.

From Bangkok to Koh Chang by flight and ferry

Flight from Bangkok to Trat and from there on to Koh Chang

Trat Airport is the point of connection between Bangkok and Koh Chang if taking a flight

The fastest way from Bangkok to Koh Chang is by taking a flight.

However: On the island itself there is no airport. Trat is as close as you can get to Koh Chang by taking a flight.

The flight duration for the route Bangkok – Trat is merely an hour.

However, there are only a few flights on each day and the airline Bangkok Airways is a quasi-monopolist for flights from Bangkok to Trat.

That leads to quite hight ticket prices – at least during high-season.

Those who book early or travel to Koh Chang during off-season can find “promotional tickets” and other cheap fares at Bangkok Airways. If you are lucky, you can score a one-way flight for about 70, – €.

If you travel in the main season and book on short notice, it can be even more expensive. The flight Bangkok – Trat can be as expensive as 150, – € one-way (or more).

Getting from Trat Airport to the ferry pier requires a transfer. The transfer can to the pier where the ferry to Koh Chang departs be done either by shuttle bus or by taxi.

The transfer time to the ferry pier is about 20 minutes.

From Bangkok to Koh Chang by car

For those who are traveling with a rental car in Thailand, it is the best option to the car for the journey from Bangkok to Koh Chang (and vice versa).

In this case, you will be traveling through Trat as well.

When traveling with your own rental car, the duration of the journey heavily depends on the traffic situation in Bangkok. As soon as you leave the agglomeration area, driving becomes more relaxed and you can go faster.

The fastest route is via Highway No. 344 and then via Highway No. 3. Taking this route, you can get to the ferry pier in about five hours.

You can take the car on the ferry to Koh Chang. A normal car costs 120 THB (as of 2018) which is pretty cheap.

From Bangkok to Koh Chang by taxi or limousine

Those who want it to be extra comfortable, can take a taxi or charter a limousine.

Getting a taxi off the road is usually difficult. The drivers are not always motivated for such a long drive (understandably).

Therefore, it is best to pre-book a taxi.

Taxi fares to Koh Chang are negotiable. You can expect about 3,000 THB all-in. Take into consideration the taxi driver has to drive all the way to Bangkok.

You should note that normal taxis in Thailand have a LNG container in the trunk. If you take such a vehicle there is not much room for luggage.

Taking a limousine is most likely the most convenient option for traveling from Bangkok to Koh Chang.

Route from Bangkok to Koh Chang

Route from Bangkok to Koh Chang
Route from Bangkok to Koh Chang on Google Maps
You can find an individual map for traveling Bangkok / Koh Chang incl. important waypoints following the link below (via Google Maps).

Picture gallery Koh Chang

Continue your journey from Koh Chang to Cambodia

Koh Chang and the province of Trat are often used as a stopover on the way from Thailand to Cambodia.

From Koh Chang it is only about 50 km linear distance to the Thai-Cambodian border.

There is a nearby border crossing (Had Lek / Koh Kong, see Google Maps).

To get from Koh Chang to the Cambodian border, you need to take the ferry to Trat. From there it is about one and a half hours to the border by minivan or taxi.

A stopover in Trat and Koh Chang is also a good idea for all travelers who want to travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap.

At least if you want to visit more places in Cambodia (like Sihanoukville), a few relaxing days in Koh Chang are absolutely worth it.

Accommodation in Bangkok / Koh Chang

Accommodation in Bangkok

Bangkok has more than 3.193 kinds of accommodation (hotel, hostel and more).
Bangkok has approximately 172.050 hotel rooms (or more).
One night in Bangkok costs approx. 36,- € (depending on hotel category).

Accommodation in Koh Chang

Koh Chang has more than 224 kindes of accommodation (hotel, hostel and others).
Koh Chang has more than 6.656 hotel rooms.
One typical night in Koh Chang costs approx. 55,- € (depending on hotel category).
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